Vellei Technological Painting - Azienda verniciatura materiali compositi avanzati - carbon look

About us

Leading company in the painting of advanced composite materials

Carrozzeria Vellei was born out of a business idea from ​​the Vellei brothers. Well known in the area for their undisputed professionalism in restoring antique, vintage and classic cars, they undertook their research on composite materials in the mid-90s. Over the years, thanks to their expertise, they have managed to put together a team of highly specialized professionals capable of carrying out any type of intervention in the field of painting of advanced composite materials, not only for the automotive sector but also for the nautical and aeronautical sector.

Those who have relied on Carrozzeria Vellei have been able to count on the guarantee of a service capable of satisfying any need in the painting sector on any support. Today we are a company with over 100 people who continue to believe in new technologies and in the systematic and advanced training of their staff, always with an eye to the future of the composite materials sector.

Stefano Vellei

General Manager

Vellei Technological Painting - Azienda verniciatura materiali compositi avanzati - carbon look - Azienda

Patrizio Vellei

Project Manager

Adriano Vellei

General Manager

Vincenzo Vellei


Carbon Fiber

The use of carbon fibers, in mechanics as in architecture, is a constantly growing trend, thanks to the technical and mechanical properties of this material, which make it a light and highly resistant product  whose use nowadays ranges from competitions of various kinds, e.g.. motorist and motorcycle ones, to the creation of furniture of sophisticated design. Its particular texture allows engineers and architects to create outstanding artwork, exploiting the colors and reflections that the carbon fiber allows to create


Continuous expansion of knowledge and skills, complemented by the partnership with the best professionals in the sector. The experience of working in a team and the desire to carry out projects always questioning ourselves, to share the result together.


Vision and Mission

Advanced personnel training at the core of Made in Italy, together with leading-edge technology to set a benchmark in the composite materials sector. Commitment to continuous improvement of our corporate structure in order to become soon one of the leaders in the field by focusing on the manufacturing processes.

The Company's Passion and Strength

Transmission of family business values to an industrial reality and belief  in the importance of relationships between people. Constant desire to always rise to the challenge, highlighting the fundamental importance of customer's needs, in order to study the best services capable of guaranteeing high quality standards to the companies that choose us.

Technology and Equipment for increasingly efficient solutions

The composite material market is growing exponentially, and Carrozzeria Vellei is working to capitalize on it through the adoption and study of new technologies that make it possible to maintain high levels of quality in the painting of advanced composite materials.

Where to find us

We are qualified to carry out work for the most important sports and luxury companies in the automotive sector. Our production processes are organized according to the most modern standards of quality and efficiency, also thanks to the use of specialized technical personnel.

Vellei Technological Painting - Azienda verniciatura materiali compositi avanzati - carbon look - Azienda